Devised Rooftop Piece

         At my core, I am a "yes, and..." producer. I believe so wholeheartedly in the power of theatre and artistic expression, and the way it can change us as human beings. I am an experienced coordinator of creative projects and am eager to do all I can to bring a project to fruition, particularly those projects whose creators believed it would never be more than just an idea. 


Commercial Theatre Institute

3-Day Producing Intensive (2020)

3-Day Marketing Intensive (2018)

The Business of Broadway

Producing 101 (2020)

Creative Development (2020)


In the fall of 2020, I collaborated with director Jackson Walker in creating a half hour rooftop performance experience. All audio for the performance was pre-recorded by the two actors and mixed by Jackson Walker, including lines, sound effects, and scoring. Guests used their personal devices to call into a Zoom link, where the audio was played into headphones. The two actors performed physically, but remained masked and distanced, while the pre-recorded audio played.